Ancient Indian Water Conservation Techniques – Part 1

Our ancestors from ancient India have invented so many useful things, whose references are being used in combating modern-day problems. Water conservation methods are one such area from the pages of ancient India. The excellent water harvesting and drainage systems in the cities of Indus Valley Civilization are masterpieces of their time and were so Read more about Ancient Indian Water Conservation Techniques – Part 1[…]

Rainwater Harvesting in Developing Countries – Need, Initiative and Methods

Developing countries are characterized by low per capita real income, high population growth rate, high rates of unemployment, dependence on primary sector, dependence on exports of a primary commodity, and underutilization of natural resources. This is a broad categorization. Exploring each one of these will dig out various causes that are becoming a hindrance for Read more about Rainwater Harvesting in Developing Countries – Need, Initiative and Methods[…]

Once a Summer Capital of India, Shimla is Now Under Water Crisis

In British India, Shimla was declared as the summer capital of India and was used to hold important political meetings in the serene, beautiful and nature-blessed surroundings. Everyone was awestruck with the naturally built forest, gorgeous water streams and pleasantly cold weather at the time when the Indian plains faces a blazing heat. It is no surprise that Shimla is one of the favourite holiday destinations, especially during summers. In fact, the tourism is the primary source of revenue for this capital of Himachal Pradesh. But the year 2018 is no good for tourism industry at Shimla. It is only because the land of divine beauty is facing a serious water crisis. […]