Kwality Animal Feeds Pvt. Ltd Case Study

Enriching the world with sustainable means of energy is the need of the hour. With the drastic changes and impacts that Earth has consistently been undergoing, it is not surprising that the same is going to impact our way of living too. Irrespective of everything, Kwality Animal feeds Pvt. Ltd did reach out to get their own recharging pit with filter screens for an area spread around 11 Acre.

It was a tough job installing everything in place, ensuring there’s nothing that impacts the quality of the products or even the quality of the services provided. They were sceptical about the products to install but the brief rundown of all the services along with the products delivered by Chaitanya Products was what helped in ensuring better impacts for the end results altogether.

About the company

Kwality Animals Pvt. Ltd is a brand which was started back in 1983 and has been in operation since then. The company pledges to provide with the very best source of food for the poultry around the country. The brand pledges by its hygiene and aims to provide with the very best quality feeding products to their clients.

Their main was to get multiple recharging pits with filter screens installed in their 11-hectare farm for better efficiency of their work.

Realm of work

The entire process of work was very elaborately explained to the associated head of the company who was in contact and every last product detail was shared with them. Chaitanya specializes in not just the overall rainwater harvesting methods but also specializes in providing services around four different products.

They include:

  • FRP Proof Rain Water Drainage Gutters
  • Apollo Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Filters
  • Gravels for Rain Water Harvesting Filters
  • Precast RCC Humes Pipes

The filters were the main prospect that the Kwality Animal Feeds wanted and that was how we worked around to provide them with all the requirements.

Process involved

Chaitanya Products is known to boast amazing, dedicate and experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of every prospect of work they are contributing to. Irrespective of the questions and queries, there was an in-depth and standard process that we did follow to get the desired results as the clients needed.


The very first stage in the process was to assess the place and the site the filters needed to be placed around in. It was quite important to ensure that we did have a complete rundown of the place and the area around to know how everything could be planned and fitted around for the maximum exposure of them. With the reports ready, it was time to source the best of the best products in terms of quality and then install the same in the site that was spread across a total area of around 11 hectares.


Once the report was ready after the initial assessment, it was necessary to get the same approved by the client in terms of the location of the installation. This was necessary to ensure that our vision doesn’t necessarily clash with that of the client’s. Once approved, the next step was initiated by our group of experienced professionals.

Get the structure planned

With the approval done, the next step in the process is to sketch out the process of installation along with where the same is expected to be done. This is nothing but like that of a blueprint that would be like a guide to the people working during the installation process. It is necessary to ensure that the sketches are done accurately with no scope of mistake in it. Any kind of loopholes could have caused drastic problems.

Installation process

The sketches are often run down by the clients and an initial approval is taken from them to ensure that they okay with the process of installation altogether. The same was done with the people in Kwality feeds as well. Once the sketches were approved, it was time to finally install the filters to help them seek better outputs in their work productivity. The entire area was dug completely till the point of requirement and everything was done under the skillful eye of the people in Chaitanya Products to ensure there is no scope of drawbacks there. The filters were placed in the site and then all the required accessory work was done alongside it as well to initiate the operation of them on site.

Final verdict

The installation process was not just successful but the filters are currently in operation in the site. The work has been executed with precision, expertise, and finesse to ensure the maximum benefits for the people at Kwality feed. The clients have actually been benefitted with the same which was definitely what the final aim of this project whatsoever was.

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