Rooftop Filter/ Online Box Filter

Apollo Rooftop Box Filter is used in Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System. In Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting, rainwater collected from the roof is very pure and clean. However, there are many substances, which get mixed with this pure Water on the roof (leaves, bird droppings, dust etc). These impurities need to be filtered before the rainWater is stored. Online Rooftop Filter is used to filter these impurities.


In a building, rain water is normally allowed to flow down from the roof through pipes. These pipes may be of PVC, asbestos, cement, cast iron, galvanized iron etc. However, PVC pipes are commonly used in the present times. They are cost effective and convenient for installation. Online Rooftop Filter can be installed to any of the above pipes with suitable inlet and outlet fixtures or fittings.

The rainwater flow from down pipes and a first flush valve is provided to flush the first flow of the rainwater along with leaves, dust etc.Rainwater passing through this filter element (which is relatively cleaner), flows out through an outlet, which leads to storage device. Storage devices are mainly tank can be modular tanks, syntax tanks etc. or Recharging pits.

Apollo Roof Top Filters


  • No Moving Parts.
  • Designed on shearing action of water on the filter element.
  • Filter element has non-clogging type opening.
  • Almost zero % wastage of rain water.
  • Removes All Debris, Collect Same in the System without affecting the Filteraion Process.



  1. VERY FINE FILTERAION Up To 500 Micron - So Almost Clear Water
  2. NO MAINTENANCE – No Supervision Required.
  3. SUITABLE TO HANDLE EVEN HEAVY RAIN Without Wastage Of Rain Water.
  4. LONG LIFE ENSURED - Filter Element is made from SS 304
  5. VERY EASY To Install

Storage of Rooftop water in Stronge tank after passing through
Apollo Rooftop Online Filter installed at


Storage of Rain water in collection tanks