Overview of Digital Flow Meter

Our Smart Turbine Type / Electromagnetic type Flowmeter Is of Perfect Performance and Reliability. Based on the successfully Proven Smart Flow Technology of AQUASENSE, the flowmeter is widely used in industries of Cement, petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food electric power, paper making, water treatment, petrochemistry & medicine, etc.

Digital Flow Meter Features

  1. Measurement is independent of fluid density, humidity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. There are no obstacle elements in the conduit, no pressure droppage, and the requirement for straight pipe is low.

  2. The sensor with advanced processing technology is of excellent resistance to negative pressure. The liquid crystal display in the converter of the intelligent series Magnetic flowmeter makes it easy to read in the sun or in a dark room.

  3. In a bad environment, parameters can reset up through the infrared ray touch knobs without opening the cover of the converter. The converter has alarm output function of self-diagnosis, empty load test high and low limit of the flow, two-stage flow value, etc. not only apply in generally process test but also in the test of the mineral serosity, paper pulp as well as pastry liquid.

  4. High pressure-type electromagnetic flow sensor adopting PFA lining technology which is resistant to high pressure and negative pressure is especially applicable in industries of oil, chemistry, etc.

Selection Principals

The measured liquid must be a conductivity liquid of serosity of which the conductivity should be more than 50 s/cm the medium should not contain much magnetic matter of air bubbles, Pressure grade lining material, electrode material, and structure type should be selected according to the medium's temperature corrosiveness, abrasion, etc. Normally the size of flowmeter should be the same as the pipe diameter.