Technical Specification

  1. Tank Shell: These shell is the made of increments of 1.2mm ColorBond® and Zincallume ® High Tensile Steel Sheet coated with Cream color, which are CNC Punched and CNC rolled and bolted together to form the tank shell. This shell is then anchored to the ring beam with bolt chairs and Hilti chemical anchor fasteners. This sheet comes from Australian BlueScope Steel. It is specially made for large reservoir tank applications.

  2. Liner: The inner liner is made of American Technology Liner which is certified by the Australian government for potable water. This liner has a stretch factor of 250% and can withstand tremendous pressure. This liner is a one piece bag which is placed inside the shell. This liner is what comes in contact with water. Since it is base material is an alloy-of-PVC it does not allow any algae or moss formation on the inner wall of the tank.

  3. Roof and Ladder:
    • Roof Sheets: The roof of the tank is a corrugated 0.65mm ColorBond®and Zincallume ® High Tensile Steel Sheet coated with Cream color
    • Manhole and Ladder: A lockable manhole with working Platform and Handrail for safety purpose.
    • Roof Trusses: The roof trusses are High tensile mild steel tube sections which are more than 5mm thick and are hot dipped galvanized.
    • Tank Ventilator (Whirlybird): The ventilator fan to the tank. This ventilator fan is an active ventilator not a passiveventilator.

  4. Intermediate Tank Bracing: High tensile heavy steel angle or Channel bracing along circumfuse of the tank at different height which are hot dipped galvanized.

  5. Nuts and Bolts: High tensile (10.9 Grade) galvanized nut bolt with tamper proof plastic caps to avoid rust and manual opening of the bolts once tightened.

  6. Fittings: These fittings will be CNC machined and finished and hot dipped galvanized to avoid corrosion. Along with a separate laser cut inner mounting plate for additional support and strength in each fitting. These fitting also include high tensile bolts & fitted with cotton mesh insert rubber washers. Also use liquid seals to make sure the fittings are leak proof.