Chennai Metro Water Rainwater Harvesting Challenge – An Initiative to Make the Existing Rainwater Harvest Structure Functional Again

Water management has always been an agenda at a national level. Increasing population and exploitation of groundwater, has led to the emergence for initiating various methods for conserving water resources and rainwater. Although population increase is the biggest factor in this crisis, someone asserted that our population can also be our strength. The more we are in number, the more hands we have for any initiative we would take.

Recently, the Metro Water of Chennai has come up with a unique way for reviving the non-functional rainwater harvesting structures in the household and other premises- The Rainwater Harvesting Challenge.

What is this Rainwater Harvesting Challenge?

We are in a generation where social media is the biggest craze. Everything needs to stream online, not just for popularity but for awareness and encouragement for others to follow. Using this trend, CMWSSB (Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewage Board) has come up with a brilliant initiative called rainwater harvesting challenge. The aim was to give a back push to all those people who have rainwater harvesting structures at their home, office or any other premises but couldn’t use them to their fullest due to lack of their maintenance.

Just before the advent of monsoon, this rainwater harvesting challenge was opened to invite people to post their photographs on Metro water’s Facebook page, while maintaining their rainwater harvesting setups. This challenge is also open for the new rainwater harvest installations.

The challenge includes posting pictures of oneself during various stages of maintenance of their RWH structures, while:

  • Cleaning their rooftops for debris
  • Checking and cleaning the transit pipes
  • Clearing waste dump
  • Checking and fixing damages to rainwater harvesting systems like tanks, pumps, etc.
  • Checking and fixing any functional problem within the RWH system.

The best entries will win prize and the efforts will be recognized by CMWSSB. Each participant will be awarded a badge and each zone will name out three winners of this challenge.

The intention is to have fully 8 lakh fully functional rainwater harvesting structures, which are already existing in the city.

Some useful statistics

For the success of this initiative, the Metro Water has employed its 120 assistant engineers, 20 rainwater harvesting staff, 15 area engineers, 40 deputy area engineers, 50 depot engineers, and other staff to make a field visit and rejuvenate the rainwater harvesting structures.

Around 325 Metrowater offices and 2,000 other government offices are also requested to check their rainwater harvesting structures for any repair or replacement issues.

25000 residents are expected to be a part of this initiative.

The Ultimate Goal

The Chennai civic authorities have encouraged people in the past for the water conservation methods. Their awareness programmes have helped in curbing the water scarcity issues to some extent when many people took relevant steps at individual and group levels. But installation-only would not help if these structures are not being maintained. Thus, this challenging initiative.

For more striking encouragement, the rallies are being organized at local levels, led especially by school children. The local authority is also planning to paint the walls of government offices and other public places with slogans and pictures that would consistently remind people about the need and benefits of rainwater harvesting. These paintings can also be made to guide how to install a new RWH system and how to maintain them.

CMWSSB has distributed some informational pamphlets in this respect too. They have made provisions for monthly Open House meetings where people are welcome to ask their doubts and seek expert help in setting up a rainwater harvesting system.

Chaitanya is in support of this brilliant initiative

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