Rainwater Harvesting at Home – Simple, Yet Effective Methods

There is a common saying, “Charity begins at home”. This may look odd, but we can associate this saying with water preservation technique called rainwater harvesting. Imagine the quantity of rainwater we could save if every possible house or building structure in India starts to take rainwater harvesting measures! At least, these households or buildings can preserve a certain percentage of required water quantity, thus lowering some of the pressure over the depleting natural ground water.

The idea is very simple; setup either simple or somewhat sophisticated rainwater harvesting systems in your house or in a building having several apartments, for collecting and storing the water poured down as rain. The care must be taken that the stored water does not contaminate & becomes the ground for breeding diseases. For this purpose, a minor investment is needed on your individual or collective part. […]

Rainwater Harvesting: The Need of the Hour

Rainwater harvesting has been acclaimed as an exemplary method of water conservation, and is considered to be a “Green Practice”. It involves the collection of rainwater from rooftops or other hard surfaces above the ground level prior to its loss as surface run-off. This method of water conservation indirectly supports the replenishment of groundwater and Read more about Rainwater Harvesting: The Need of the Hour[…]