Once a Summer Capital of India, Shimla is Now Under Water Crisis

In British India, Shimla was declared as the summer capital of India and was used to hold important political meetings in the serene, beautiful and nature-blessed surroundings. Everyone was awestruck with the naturally built forest, gorgeous water streams and pleasantly cold weather at the time when the Indian plains faces a blazing heat. It is no surprise that Shimla is one of the favourite holiday destinations, especially during summers. In fact, the tourism is the primary source of revenue for this capital of Himachal Pradesh. But the year 2018 is no good for tourism industry at Shimla. It is only because the land of divine beauty is facing a serious water crisis. […]

Borewell Recharge: An environment friendly initiative

Water resource is being categorised as a renewable energy source, which means, natural water resources can be easily replenished back to nature. But it is rightly said that overdo of anything is bad; the pace with which natural ground water is being used, or rather exploited, it is not returned to the ground with concurrent Read more about Borewell Recharge: An environment friendly initiative[…]

Rainwater Harvesting: The Need of the Hour

Rainwater harvesting has been acclaimed as an exemplary method of water conservation, and is considered to be a “Green Practice”. It involves the collection of rainwater from rooftops or other hard surfaces above the ground level prior to its loss as surface run-off. This method of water conservation indirectly supports the replenishment of groundwater and Read more about Rainwater Harvesting: The Need of the Hour[…]